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Shinchan Small Notepad

Introducing Shinchan’s tiny notepad! It’s like a little magic book filled with fun. Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, it’s always ready for your adventures. Each page is a mini-story waiting for you. With colorful pages and Shinchan’s happy face on the cover, it’s impossible not to smile! You can write secrets, draw doodles, or simply let your imagination run wild. It’s your own special place for fun and creativity. Shinchan’s notepad is here to make your day brighter and your adventures more exciting!


“Shinchan’s notepad is like a tiny treasure chest filled with fun! Inside, you’ll find Shinchan’s adventures and doodles. It’s small, just perfect to fit in your pocket or bag. Each page is like a mini-story waiting for you to explore. You can write your own notes or draw your own pictures alongside Shinchan’s. With colorful pages and Shinchan’s cheeky smile on the cover, it’s impossible not to smile when you open it. Whether you’re jotting down secrets or sketching your dreams, Shinchan’s notepad is your trusty sidekick. It’s a little book of joy, ready to bring a sprinkle of happiness to your day!

Dimension – A6
Page type – white
Page quality – 100gsm pages
No. Of pages – 100
Wire-o binding
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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