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When you create something very passionately and with all your hard work and dedication and you know it is worth selling it for money but you do not have a proper medium to reach the right audience and get the right price for your hard work, Zupppy is here to completely help you with that.

With us you can post your items and your demand price for your beautiful items online very easily and then the interested people in search of such items will automatically find you and show interest in buying your product. They can directly contact you with the details that you provide, and rest is between you and your buyer. We make selling easy for you. So you can concentrate on creation and imagination leaving aside your worries about your hard work going into the drain because you did not get apt buyers.

You can sit back and relax, creating beautiful items because we are here to help you earn from them easily. You do it for passion and we help you generate income from that. Besides, we only charge 5% of total sales, also we do not require any GST, TIN Number or documentation to let your dreams fly high. Zupppy provides you a very simple, easy to use and friendly platform for your selling and buying purposes so you can connect with people all across India and find the right buyers which otherwise would become very difficult for you to look for as you will end up wasting a lot time in unnecessary marketing or convincing people or even finding people who need such items. We cut short all the efforts and bring you the right buyers at the right price for your items so you can happily create and sell easily without wasting your precious time and hard-earned money in looking for people and strategies.



Now when you have clearly understood about the concept of Zupppy and how it works, let’s discuss the perks of being a vendor at Zupppy and how it is beneficial and can prove to be a very smart move for you.

By registering as a vendor at Zupppy, which as mentioned above is free of cost for all the people who create beautiful items at their home and wish to sell them online ,   you become a member of our Zupppy creators community and now you have access to selling your items all across India which might not be possible for you earlier due  to limited selling options.

Secondly, it’s pure work from home, you don’t have to buy a plot, set up an office and operate from there or run a business. You can simply create beautiful items easily      at your home and upload them online by your registered Id and we will get you the right buyers for your products. You do not have to go around wasting your time   door-to-door looking for buyers and exhaust yourself when you can sit back and relax at your home because Zupppy helps you in selling it easily.

Third, we charge only 5% of total sales which is another perk that adds to the list because we provide you all the facilities from start till end to make your journey smooth, easy and better. We do not trouble you with unnecessary paperwork or documentation like other big brands.

With so many pros and perks to register as a Vendor with Zupppy, hoping to see our budding creators on board with us pretty soon.

Welcome to Zupppy