Our Mission

Creating business by connecting local vendors, home vendors, street vendors, entrepreneurs, medium and small scale enterprises , suppliers to their end users.

Our Vision

Zupppy seeks every business whether small or large to expand their sales via the doorstep delivery model. There is no such monetary vision of crossing the landmark of a figure or to deliver a fixed number of products, because the priority is to serve rather than earn.

Zupppy is an on-demand last mile tech friendly marketplace with a vision to connect both offline and online Home Vendors, Retailers, Entrepreneurs, and Suppliers to the end users/customers using a singular platform/IOTs to eliminate the inefficiencies across the transit and to bridge the information gap.

We provide free registration to everyone who creates any home-made items like cakes, chocolates, art & craft, paintings, lamps, handmade hangings or anything. Besides we are affordable and easily accessible which is why it is a very smart idea to sell or buy your items via Zupppy.


When you create something very passionately and with all your hard work and dedication and you know it is worth selling it for money but you do not have a proper medium to reach the right audience and get the right price for your hard work, Zupppy is here to completely help you with that.


If you wish to buy authentic home-made masterpieces then you are at the right place. Zupppy provides hand-made art & craft, showpieces, paintings, cakes, chocolates, bouquets and so much more just by a click of mouse and few details that too at such amazingly affordable rates.

Welcome to Zupppy