Puppy Colors: A Barkingly Fun Guide to Ten Fuzzy Shades

“Puppy Hues” is a fun book about colorful puppies! It shows all the different colors puppies can be, like yellow, brown, and black. Each page has pictures of cute puppies in all their colorful glory. It’s easy to understand and super fun to look at. If you love puppies and colors, this book is for you! It’s like a rainbow of furry friends just waiting to make you smile. So, grab a copy of “Puppy Hues” and get ready to be amazed by all the adorable colors these little pups come in!


“Puppy Hues” is a colorful journey through the world of adorable pups! In this book, you’ll discover the wonderful variety of colors that puppies come in. From snowy white to midnight black, and every shade in between, puppies are like a rainbow of fur! With simple language and captivating pictures, you’ll learn about the different hues that make each puppy unique. Whether it’s a golden retriever with sunshine-yellow fur or a chocolate lab with rich brown tones, you’ll fall in love with every page. Join us as we explore the playful personalities and beautiful colors of puppies. “Puppy Hues” is perfect for anyone who loves dogs and enjoys learning about colors. Get ready to wag your tail with excitement as you dive into the colorful world of puppies!

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