Owl Notepad

An owl notepad is a special book with a cute owl picture on it. It’s where you can write or draw whatever you want! The owl reminds you of wisdom and smart thinking while you use it. Inside, there are many pages waiting for your ideas. Some pages might be empty, while others have lines to help you write neatly. So, whenever you need to remember something or just want to be creative, grab your owl notepad and let your imagination fly! It’s like having a wise owl friend helping you along the way.


An owl notepad is like a special book where you can write down all your thoughts and ideas. But instead of a regular cover, it has a cute picture of an owl on it! Owls are wise and smart birds, just like you when you’re writing down your notes. Inside the notepad, there are lots of pages for you to fill with your drawings, stories, or anything else you want to remember. The pages might be blank or have lines to help you write neatly. So, whenever you need to jot something down, you can reach for your owl notepad and let your creativity soar, just like an owl flying through the night sky. Let the owl notepad be your wise companion as you explore your imagination!

Dimension – A5
Page quality – 100gsm
No. of pages – 120
Page type – white
Wire-o binding
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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