Loofah and menthol soap


‘- Menthol soaps help relieve muscle aches, skin irritations, and headaches.

– The feeling of using Loofah is very refreshing. Every bath feels like an invigorating spa experience leaving the body relaxed even after a day of toil and hard work.

– The massaging properties of Loofah are unmatched. Whether they are feet, shoulder, or any part of the body, Loofah is proven to relax and soothe every tiring muscle of the body. Using Loofah in circular motions doubles its massaging qualities.

– Loofah is excellent for its exfoliating properties also. In fact, it is the exfoliating property of Loofah that convinced millions to use Loofah in their bathrooms as well. – Loofah is used to shed off dry skin

. – Loofah is also known to rid feet from callus and cracking of skin.

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