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Janmashtami Laddu Gopal Jhula | Wooden Kanha Jhula/Palna with Multicolor Macrame and Beads


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Enhance your Janmashtami celebrations with our handcrafted Laddu Gopal Jhula. This wooden palna features multicolor macrame and beads, creating a beautiful resting place for Lord Krishna.

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1 in stock

Bring the essence of Janmashtami into your home with our beautifully crafted Laddu Gopal Jhula. This wooden palna is designed specifically for Lord Krishna (Laddu Gopal), offering a delightful and sacred place for your deity. Handmade with intricate details, including multicolor macrame and beads, this Kanha Zula exudes traditional charm and elegance. Elevate your Janmashtami decor with this special piece, creating a sacred space for Lord Krishna to rest. Whether as a gift or for personal use, our Laddu Gopal Jhula is a cherished addition to any home celebrating the divine spirit of Krishna.

Krishna Zula

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

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