Hirak Rajar Deshe Notepad

“Hirak Rajar Desh” is a magical adventure story about a boy named Goja who finds a special notepad. Whatever he writes on it comes true! With his friends, Goja goes on an amazing journey to a kingdom ruled by a kind king named Hirak. Along the way, they meet good and bad people. They must use the notepad wisely to help others and fight against those who want to misuse its power. Through bravery and friendship, they learn important lessons about doing what’s right. “Hirak Rajar Desh” is a fun and exciting tale filled with magic, friendship, and doing good deeds.


“Hirak Rajar Desh” is a story that happens in a faraway land where a king named Hirak rules. One day, a visitor called Raju comes to the kingdom and starts telling stories about a better place. Hirak gets curious and wants to see this new place. So, he and his people embark on a journey. Along the way, they face many challenges but also discover new friends and experiences. They learn about equality, kindness, and the importance of freedom. Finally, they reach the new land and realize that everyone can live happily together, without fear or oppression. “Hirak Rajar Desh” teaches us that no matter who we are, we all deserve respect and freedom.

Dimension – A5
Page type – white
Page quality – 100gsm pages
No. Of pages – 120
Wire-o binding
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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