Goku: Mighty Warrior Fridge Magnet for Dragon Ball Fans

Get your hands on the coolest fridge magnet ever! This Goku magnet is perfect for any Dragon Ball fan. Stick it on your fridge and watch Goku power up your kitchen with his electrifying presence. Made of durable materials, it’s sure to withstand any battle with your fridge door. Add a touch of Super Saiyan style to your kitchen decor or gift it to a fellow Dragon Ball enthusiast. Don’t miss out on this awesome collectible item that brings a piece of the Dragon Ball universe right into your home!


Introducing our Goku Fridge Magnet! It’s a cool magnet that you can stick on your fridge. Goku is a powerful warrior from the Dragon Ball series, known for his strength and bravery. This magnet brings a piece of the Dragon Ball world into your kitchen. You can use it to hold up your favorite photos, drawings, or important notes. It’s made of sturdy material, so it stays put securely. Both kids and adults who love Dragon Ball will enjoy having Goku on their fridge. Plus, it adds a touch of adventure to your kitchen decor. Get your own Goku Fridge Magnet today and let this legendary warrior guard your fridge in style!

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

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