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Elevate your decor with our Geometric Mandala Wall Art. Handcrafted from premium wood, these intricate mandala designs add depth and sophistication to any space, making them perfect for home or office decor.


Introduce elegance and serenity into your living space with our captivating Geometric Mandala Wall Art. Handcrafted from premium wood, each piece features intricate mandala designs that add depth and sophistication to any room. These Wooden Mandala Art pieces are versatile, suitable for various settings including homes, hotels, and offices, enhancing the ambiance with their timeless beauty.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, our Wooden Mandala Wall Decor offers a harmonious blend of traditional artistry and modern design. The intricate patterns and natural wood finish create a striking visual appeal, making them ideal for enhancing home decor or adding a touch of sophistication to commercial spaces.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Quality: Each mandala art piece is meticulously crafted from premium wood, ensuring durability and a beautiful natural finish.
  • Intricate Designs: Features complex geometric patterns that add depth and elegance to any setting.
  • Versatile Decor: Perfect for homes, offices, hotels, and more. Enhances any room with its timeless beauty.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor your mandala art to match your personal style and interior decor preferences.


  • Material: High-quality wood
  • Dimensions: Available in various sizes to suit your space
  • Shape: Triangle-shaped mandala art
  • Weight: approx 1kg
  • Color: Natural wood finish
  • Design: Geometric mandala patterns

Product Details:

  • Handmade: Crafted with precision and care, each piece is unique.
  • Design: Intricate laser-cut wooden mandala art
  • Usage: Suitable for wall decor in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, and more.
  • Maintenance: Dust gently with a dry cloth. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the wood’s natural beauty.

Product Features:

  • Geometric Mandala Wall Art
  • Handmade Wooden Mandala
  • Mandala Art Decor
  • Wooden Wall Decor
  • Laser Cut Mandala Art
  • Spiritual Wall Decor
  • Home Decor Mandala Art
  • Office Wall Art
  • Customizable Mandala Decor
  • Triangle Shaped Mandala
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

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