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Shipping Information

Is Zupppy charging any subscription fees?

No, Zupppy is not charging any registration fees initially from vendors. Zupppy is charging only 5% commission on every product sold so, vendors are requested to list the prices accordingly adding Zupppy’s commission and their profit margin. Also, Zupppy allows the option of adding free shipment to the postal area of the vendor and if the vendor receives the order outside the postal area then the vendor can increase the price of the product accordingly or can contact us at to know more about the shipment outside their postal area.

Do vendors have to give commission after receiving money from the buyer/consumer?

No, vendors do not have to give commission, it will be automatically deducted after the payment made by the consumer/user and the remaining amount will be the revenue of the vendor. Vendor can request for withdrawal of the money at any time and after the request the payment will be transferred to their bank account within 7 days.

Can vendors across India register on Zupppy?

Yes, anyone across the India can register on Zupppy and can start selling.Any vendor can register here for free. Zupppy gives you the portal with plenty of features and if the vendor finds any difficulty then he/she can contact us at 9413823781 or can mail their query at

What is the most feasible shipment charge outside the postal area of a vendor?

Though there are different courier charges of  every logistic company depending on the time and distance. Also, current Covid-19 situation has impacted the logistic and supply chain very much so Zupppy suggests every vendor to add flat rate of 300-350 for a product that has to be delivered within the range of 1000 km and 400-450 for the delivery range of between 1000-2000 km. Vendors can find the Shipment option under the Settings category in the portal and can change the settings on their own terms. If you find any difficulty then you can reach us at 9413823781 or you can mail your query at

What type of products a vendor can sell?

There are no restrictions in selling any product. Vendors are requested not sell any hazardous products that compromises with the health of the consumers meanwhile if there is a product having any expiration period then it is requested to the vendors to mention them.

Is Zupppy providing delivery facility too now?

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we are analyzing the impact, predictions and safety measures for the safety of our consumers/users. Thus, currently we are providing only the portal to the vendors registering on our website. Although we are not charging any subscription fees from the vendors and they are having the option of providing the free delivery services in their postal area. If a vendor receives the product outside their postal area it is requested that they should either use logistic services provided by the trusted companies or use railway/government courier services for the shipment. If they find any difficulty in listing prices for delivery charges or in any other issue then please mail us at

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