Yagnik Incense Stick

  • ✔️Premium Masala Agarbatti
  • ✔️Nikhil’s Yagnik Agarbatti is an exquisite amalgamation of love, devotion and prosperity.
  • ✔️Burn Yagnik during the day time to ignite cheerful spark in your ambience.
  • ✔️This Masala Incense will instil a sense of calmness & disperse your suffering. Our incense sticks are made from finest botanical ingredients, herbs, resins & natural essential oils.
  • ✔️Pack of 250 Grams


In this modern day of hardship, we often take help of a Yagnik to worship gods and godesses. He assists us to perform Yagna which is most powerful remedy to bring relief to mankind from many problems and difficult times.

Give God the best that he has given you with Nikhil’s Premium Yagnik.

Usage of the Incense sticks – For spiritual or meditational purpose
-Used for conveying prayers to God every morning
-For creating inviting and refreshing aura.

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